​We require the following vaccinations:

Canine DHLPP
Feline DRC

We have plenty of fluffy blankets and comforters, pillows and toys for your pet to snuggle up with! You may bring your own blankets, toys etc., but please keep in mind they might end up torn, ripped or ruined from your pet chewing it out of bordom, or from multiple washes when cleaning their cages. if Your pet is on a special dog/cat food, we ask you bring enough food for their reservation. You may bring treats also!! If your pet is on any medications, please bring them with you.

The Bordetella vaccine is not required due to our special lighting in our kennel area. 
Cats and dogs are kept in separate wards.

We offer boarding services to our regular patients.
All vaccinations MUST be current.
Call us to schedule your reservation! 330-492-6960