Routine Wellness Exams

We offer examinations for puppies and kittens, and routine vaccinations for your adult pet, and your senior pet. We suggest to have your pet seen for a routine examination to ensure he or she is in good health for a long lasting life. 

         ‚ÄčFeLV/FIV Testing
FIV (Feline Immuno-Virus), and FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus are often found in our feral cats. If a cat shows up at your house, we suggest to test your cat to make sure he/she is in good health, and to prevent your other pets from picking up the viruses.

       Microchip Administration 

Microchips can reunite you with your pet who got loose. We have a great price on them and they will come in handy one day.

         Routine Dental Cleanings

Some dogs and cats have great teeth, and some are unfourtunate and have horrible teeth! A dental is recommended when teeth or the breath starts to get bad! A dental can also save from very bad dental infections.


X-rays will tell us if there is a bone fractured or completely broken, or if we have a foregin body. These    x-rays could save a life!

      Pharmacy,  Heartworm         and flea medication

Our Pharmacy is full in stock for any medication that you need for your pet that we prescribe. We will have them ready for you and keep your wallet happy. We have a few choices of a combined heart worm and flea treatment, or just a plain heart worm treatment, and flea treatment.



         Heartworm Testing

Heartworm is carried by mosquitos. Even if your dog is an "inside dog," they are still at risk to get bit by a mosquito. We start testing after 9 months of age.

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        General Surgeries

Surgeries are last resort, but when we have puppies or kittens we reccomend to spay/neuter them at the earliest age of 6 months. Our general surgeries can vary from dewclaw removals, to large tumor removals.


Bloodwork can show us a variety of different things. We send our bloodwork off to a lab and get most results back within a business day. 

 Euthanasia and

Cremation Services

We know the day will come sooner or later. We offer euthanasias with the private cremation services through the Humane Society. Or you can take your pet home or to your choice of crematorium.

       Fecal and Urinalysis Testing

Fecal and Urinalysis testing is a must with some of our pets. They could have internal parasites or a urinary tract infection. We test those who are having symptoms of those problems.  We also do Parvo testing for our puppies, or adult dogs. If they are having sypmtoms of parvo we would like to see them ASAP and test them.